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Academic Excellence

Students in public school often suffer from the way it is structured. If a child does not understand a subject they are often forced to move on to the next subject without fully mastering the previous one.  Students in public schools are promoted to the next grade level before mastering the grade level requirements they are in.  Because learning is cumulative over time it often hurts students in latter years.  Freedom Academy's educational program is self-paced and students will fully master the subject matter before moving on to the next subject.  This gives each student a solid foundation to build on. Additionally, when your student has mastered their subject they are not forced to wait for the rest of the class to understand before they can move on to the next topic.  High performing students are able to move quickly to more advanced subjects.  By the time your child goes to college they will have an advantage over others students because they are used to working at their own pace and practice good study habits.

Positive Learning Environment:

Looking for an alternative learning style. Students have more opportunities to seek help for academic problems, participate in class discussion, and give the teacher an insight into your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses.   Freedom Academy will encourage your child to be all they can be and equip each child to thrive academically.

School Safety and Discipline:

A safe environment where students can learn and excel is of great importance to many parents considering where to educate their children.  
Public schools are not as safe as they once were especially in the middle school and high school years.  Bullying, gang violence and outside threats are at an all time high in America.

Freedom Academy emphasizes discipline and teaches children self control and personal responsibility.  Stricter disciplinary policies allow teachers and staff to correctly handle any major problems quickly and effectively, making the classroom free of distractions. 

Freedom Academy requires all students to wear uniforms which encourages unity and discipline.

Focus on Faith Based Values:

Are you looking for a school that focuses on the values that are important to your family?  One of the greatest benefits of a private Christian education is the commitment to providing instruction from a biblical, Christ-centered worldview.  Biblical truths are infused into the academic lesson plans that help expose God's truth and help students make the connection between the pieces of life and God's larger frame of reference. 

How will Christian values shape my child's future?  The spiritual freedom of praying in school, reading the Bible, and discovering Christ in all subject classes will provide your child with a solid biblical foundation that will last an eternity.

Enrollment for the
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Freedom Academy does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, or ethnicity. All the rights privileges, programs, and activities of the school are made available to all enrolled students.

Freedom Life Academy
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